I design experiences that can inspire progressive future culture.

About me

I am an industrial designer, engineer, and conceptual artist from Japan, currently living in Tokyo.

Artifacts that reach out to form relationships have always fascinated me. Whether it is furniture, architecture, art, or a piece of machinery, I find beauty in design that can bring people together. They have encouraged me to try to understand underlying values and what is found meaningful. 


My approach is deeply rooted in my plural upbringing and as a result I’m attracted to different kinds of culture. By examining its essential qualities, I've discovered a variety of values, dreams and different ways of thinking. Such influences form the foundation for my work. As a result, I maintain a strong emphasis for Design for Meaning.

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2017 Freelance Industrial Designer at Giovanni Pellone Design

2017 Moved to Tokyo, Japan

2017 Exhibited at Made in Brunel

2017 Graduated from Brunel University, London (Product Design BSc. with Hons)

2016 Return to Brunel University for final year of study

2016 Freelance Industrial Designer for Spinning House Group

2016 Moved back to London

2014 Founded New Age Sapphire, an interior design and construction startup in Dubai, UAE

2014 Moved to Dubai, UAE

2013 Product Designer at Equilibrium Design Studio in London

2013 Graphic Designer at Burberry in London (Product Knowledge Department)

2012 Freelance Interior Designer for Restaurant Secrets Inc in Dubai

2011 Moved to London, UK to attend Brunel University

2011 Exhibited at Vienna International Science and Engineering Fair

2011 Graduated from Vienna International School (International Baccalaureate)

1992 Born in Vienna, Austria

Industrial Design Work 2018 Tokyo, JApan

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