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Visiting Clerkenwell Design Week

Every year I look forward to attending London's annual design festivals and Clerkenwell Design Week is no exception. Visiting with my fellow students and friends, we found Clerkenwell to be packed with people enthusiastic about design. Some of the highlights were BuzziJungle by BuzziSpace - a multilevel structure that elevates meeting rooms and desk spaces above the ground, and Double Vision by Hakwood - an installation that has two sides decorated with boldly colored patterns that will guide visitors along the exhibition route. The craftsmanship and imaginative design solutions presented by Moroso's showroom on Rosebery Avenue and Carl Hansen's showroom on Bowling Green Lane were incredible as well. Festivals like these always remind me of why I have become a designer - and I felt that my resolve to complete my project for Made in Brunel has been renewed. Looking forward for some more hard work in our prototyping workshops tomorrow!

Find out more at www.clerkenwelldesignweek.com


Industrial Design Work 2018 Tokyo, JApan

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