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PLYWOOD: Materials of the Modern World

As part of my weekend visit to the V&A, I decided to also stop by and visit the new exhibition “Plywood: Material of the Modern World”. It was the first day of the exhibit and the space was packed full of enthusiastic visitors. Being an everyday staple for my prototyping sessions, as well as for the design and building industry at large, it was a material that I was very familiar with. It was absolutely fascinating to see it’s rich history represented in this exhibition, especially observing how it revolutionized the nature of flight, as well as the culture and aesthetic of contemporary furniture design. With the rise of 3D formed plywood that Charles and Ray Eames envisioned so long ago now pioneered by Danzer, I cannot wait for the next chapter to be unveiled for this extraordinary kind of material.

Find out more about this event here.


Industrial Design Work 2018 Tokyo, JApan

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