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How can we create spaces that encourage meditation and deep thinking? Can we design furniture that provide contemplative spaces at home and in public spaces? How can we create spaces for self reflection?


For a vast number of people, living in the 21st century means managing a fast-paced lifestyle fueled by digital technology. It has become harder to find time to relax and reflect upon our daily experiences. This project took interest in creating personal spaces both at home, at work or in public spaces where one can escape our daily routine and find our own inner voices.

The design language took inspiration from bent wood chairs used in Viennese cafes to evoke its unique atmosphere. Renowned for their slow pace and intellectual discussions, many thinkers of 19th century Vienna spent time at their local cafe. Providing a low, laid back seating posture, the outer form wraps gently around the user using a sound absorbent material to create a private contemplative space.

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