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How can we encourage imagination and exploration? Could we use toys to build confidence? How can toys challenge our imagination?

Neuron is a series of plastic construction toys that challenge the perception of defining and building spaces. Its 3 pointed interlocking parts connect magnetically and rotate at its joints creating an imaginative building process. Once connected, the interior space lights up casting shadows that form interesting shapes.

It was important to create learning experiences that are exploratory in nature. Unlike many building blocks that rely on cubes and cuboids that move and can be arranged in limited dimensions, the design imagines a building process that could be harder to predict. It was also important to consider interaction with matter that is not solid in nature, such as light. The resulting experience could strengthen children's appetite for exploration and problem solving in unusual or completely new scenarios.


This project was in collaboration with Brunel University and the London School of Economics in April 2013.

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